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Shared this on a friend’s page.  Decided to share it here.  Take what you need, leave the rest. PLEASE NOTE: This is my (educated) opinion based on what I’ve studied and my own experience.  It is NOT medical advice.

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It is time for people to stop obsessing over salt. JUST stop obsessing. If you like salt, eat it.

*Sugar is the poison* Not fat. Not salt. (The US sugar industry don’t want you to stop eating sugar – they are the ones that promote those low fat foods that are full of sugar!)

Salt is not a major culprit in health issues unless you have certain very specific problems (and even in some of those cases, the link of harm is not clear). Any problems are ONLY for those already ill.

Salt does NOT *cause* any disease.

Sugar causes diabetes
Sugar causes heart disease
Sugar causes obesity
Sugar leads to cancers

Sugar is a drug. Just like other white powders, it is addictive and mind altering!

 Lack of exercise and the consumption of sugar, white flour and all refined carbohydrates DOES do a lot of damage.

Studies are at best equivocal about salt in people who already have cardiovascular disease, and more and more of them are finding NO evidence salt is harmful.

When you sweat a lot, you lose salt. We in the hot countries tend to sweat. You like salt? Eat it.

When you remove fat and salt from food, it doesn’t taste good. Most processed foods add sugar and chemicals to replace the taste. If we don’t taste our food, we tend to eat mindlessly… and eat MORE!! Especially if the food is full of sugar.

Refined carbs are higher in calories per ounce and much lower in nutrients.
Refined carbohydrates are usually less filling AND they make us crave sugar, and they leave us HUNGRY.

Sugar rush leads to sugar crash, which leads to HUNGER.
Then you overeat… and the cycle starts again.

Avoid sweet drinks of all kinds. Sodas are evil. Juices are not good either b/c they are refined to be mostly sugar. They do not fill us up but they do make us fat b/c they are delicious, high in calories and we crave them. And they don’t give us ANYTHING healthy.

Unless you are Usain Bolt, you should never even drink Gatorade. Why? Because you don’t need to sugar load. Gatorade is for REAL athletes. It is less bad than soda, but we don’t need added sugar. Gatorade gives us ‘energy’ for a few moments, but it doesn’t do us good unless we are exercising for *hours* daily.

The rest of us should just drink water and when we want something more, coconut water is just fine. (not sweetened)

Instead of adding condensed milk to our tea, coffee or cocoa, use full cream milk, cream, half and half, or take it black. Use a tiny amount of brown sugar or use artificial sweeteners. (I find i need less sugar even in coffee if I take it with a little cream or ‘half and half’) Avoid skim milk. The obsession with low fat is actually contributing to obesity.

Give up on low fat. If you eat foods with fat, you will feel full longer and take longer to feel that ‘let down’ you get when you eat sugar. You will eat less because you don’t crash.

If you eat plant fats (nuts are great sources of healthy fats!) the fat is actually beneficial! And sources of plant fats are also often high in fiber and minerals and vitamins. In other words, healthy, filling and usually they taste great!

****Science does NOT support the low fat diet*****

It was promoted as a marketing scheme by the US sugar industry to sell sugar products!!

Full fat milk (compared to skim or low fat) is actually (a) more nourishing (b) easier to digest. (c) associated with weight loss!!

Instead of low fat, go to low sugar (or better NO added sugar.) (Yes, you can have ONE slice of Christmas cake, birthday cake and Easter bun… but don’t eat any of these things on a regular basis — they are TREATS, NOT FOOD)

Instead of candies and cakes, eat fruit. That is the best source of a sweet treat… And fruits also have other nourishment than just sugars… fiber is essential and great for prevention of colon cancer. So go out into the yard and pick some fruit… get sunshine and eat healthy!! Make your colon happy, maybe never take a laxative again if you eat fruit regularly.

*Eat everything in moderation.
*Exercise daily.

Even a SMALL amount of daily exercise is valuable. Exercising only once a week is USELESS – you will not build your body this way, even if you overexercise on that one day!

Exercise, to be useful to the BODY must be a regular activity, a minimum of 3 days weekly – 5 is better.

NOTE: Going on a weekly walk with friends is good for the spirit, however!

So.. exercise. That is the best way to make your heart healthier, improve blood flow to the brain and your extremities (this keeps them healthy) and it lowers cholesterol and in most people also lowers blood pressure.

Our bodies were designed to MOVE.

If you do not exercise, you are harming yourself.

If you don’t do anything to change your diet, DO exercise anyway. Your mind will thank you. Your body will thank you. Your bank balance will thank you. Your spirit will thank you!!

Walk to work if you can. Exercise for at least 30 minutes a day IN ADDITION TO your normal activities such as cleaning your house and making meals for yourself. That is not exercise, even though it is hard work. Walk, run, swim, ride a bicycle… these are not that expensive. If you are elderly, simply doing calisthenics will get your heart rate up and improve your mobility… You can do your calisthenics from a chair!

Work up to 30 minutes a day if you are starting from zero, especially if you are older (or if you get out of breath walking up one flight of stairs). If you are younger, do 30 easy minutes until you find that becomes too easy.

Eat high quality protein (lean meat, fish, seafood and beans and peas). Eat lots of fruit and vegetables. Don’t drink soft drinks at all. Avoid fruit juice… eat the fruit instead. (fruit juice is a refined food and mostly sugar).

Eat healthy carbohydrates: sweet potatoes, yams, and what we call ‘provisions’. Don’t eat white potatoes – they have been over ‘bred’ until all the goodness is gone and they are basically a refined good. Yam, cassava, eddoes, all those things you grew up on… those carbs are good for you… Eat all of these in moderation.

Eat fat. Best sources of fat are things like nuts and seeds and of course, dairy and eggs. Eggs do NOT cause cholesterol to go up. That is sugar and lack of exercise! Meat fat is less good… eat lean meat, but don’t sweat it too much and do listen to your body.

When we ate all those UNPROCESSED foods we were healthier and thinner!!  Healthy options include — vegetables, pumpkin, breadfruit… things like spinach, callaloo, pepperpot soup. All our naturally colorful vegetables and leafy greens are great for us!

Now we are eating dyed food in PACKAGES… and it is killing us. Packaged food is often processed. Sometimes it isn’t food at all, though we eat it anyway!! That is what we need to stop!

Eat food your grandmother or great, great grandmother would have recognized as food. It is what your body can handle. ‘Modern’ processed food is often not really food at all. And it is NOT healthy.

Bottom line:

1) Exercise regularly
2) Eat what you like in moderation — don’t fret the fat or salt.
3) Reduce (eliminate) refined sugar and refined carbohydrates (‘white’ foods) eg: sugar, flour, Irish potatoes, pasta.
Sources of info on fat, salt info and general health:

Top Cardiologist Blasts Nutrition Guidelines




BTW: I lost 20 pounds after I quit refined carbohydrates… without changing anything else in my life. The doctor is happier with my blood work too!! I am not even all that strict about it…

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June 2019

NOTE: the perspective is Caribbean as am I.  Foods mentioned are called by their Caribbean names.

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Plot can drive story or reveal meaning.

I learned from Joss Whedon that plot can serve personal development and reveal so much about a person – put them through hell – and you learn who they are, and *they* learn who they are!

I learned that the best ‘adventure’ stories are about people. Not pointless melodrama just to ‘gin up’ interest, but deep interior questions and the interpersonal relationships that make life worth living or can break you when they fall apart.

In recent years I’ve learned a lot about writing from analyzing the kinds of choices that some of my favorite writers have made for their stories and their characters.

There can be ‘victims’ strategically ‘placed in jeopardy’ – this is supposed to make one ‘sympathetic & worried’, while giving your hero a chance to ride in and save the 2D cardboard cutout – or you can have real people in a horrendous predicament and watch them fight to survive while the hero also fights to save them. Then it becomes a story of humans’ fight to survive and the choices real people make.  It gets complicated. You’re on the edge of your seat watching life unfold and you’re utterly engaged.

If the ‘victim’ dies, you’ll feel sad and the hero will pause meaningfully before moving on, but if the ‘person’ dies, you’re devastated & your hero questions herself. You have REAL.

You may have had a devastating fight with big monsters or terrible criminals, but you’ve also had a human struggle.  The first kind can be diverting, but like a cupcake, it’s not deeply satisfying, there are no complex flavors to savor.  The second makes you come back again and again because it answers a hunger that’s deeper than the moment.


This is an edited version of a OU SWF post.


Don’t screw it up.

I actually like writing sex scenes. Most times, however, I leave my couple at the bedroom door and pick them back up next morning.

IMO, the sex scenes that tend to matter are first sex (either first time ever, or first time for a couple), last time – because last times matter, particularly when we know it’s the last time because the relationship is over or one person’s leaving for reasons that mean they probably won’t be able to see each other again.  They especially matter when the next scene (though the reader doesn’t know it yet) will be something traumatic and there needs to be one last moment of sweetness.

Other sex that matters is ‘getting back together sex’ not just ‘make up sex’, but ‘rebuild from the ground up’ sex.

Then we have ‘life is changed because of this sex’, sex.

Or ‘life is coming apart and sex is the “attempted glue” sex’ – mostly unsuccessful.

**Sex scenes are really studies in your couple and their relationship.**

How a man treats a virgin can tell you a lot about what and who he is.  The same is true of a woman… maybe even more so.  That can raise so many interesting issues in a relationship and in terms of sexual politics.

Sex is the most exposed we can make our couple. IF we do it right.

Sex, if done well can also be incredibly funny – and this works best with ‘sex as a bonding activity’ type sex scenes.

Humans are weird. Go with it!

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